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Have you ever slept? What a stupid question no?? Well, have you ever slept for death means having a deathlike feeling or so.

It is very interesting to know here that a child who is 2 year old has no Nightmares because he has no sense of fear but in case of well grown guys like us it is tough to bear.

Well it is high time we checked out the actual reason behind such night terrors. Whenever you sleep in such position as when your hand rest on your head, chest or the other most active part of the body It is most probable that you will have a Nightmare, night terror or a dream of falling helplessly into an unfathomable deep down hole.

The physiotherepists claim that putting hand on the body parts hinders the blood flow as "Brain demands a much greater amount of blood than your arms ever will. The brain receives 10 to 15 per cent of cardiac output. It's a very greedy organ. The heart is able to achieve this masterstroke because it has valves that prevent backflow and thick muscular walls that pump blood out into the main artery – the aorta – at great pressure. The aorta and its branches that travel up to the brain are "very strong and very elastic", ensuring the column of blood is constantly squeezed and pushed upwards, despite the downward force of gravity".

The above state position gives you fatal results or a very fearful dream just because of the blockage of blood circulation to heart vessels of lung the brain. While sleeping we are in a semi paralyzed state where body can hardly do any movement to support its organic malfunction. This is well known as 'Sleep Paralysis'. In order to prevent any severe damage to any of our delicate organs our brain initiates giving mental signals that certainly results into a body movement when you have a feeling of sudden falling, any ghostly touch or or any of the henious view that can set you up.

Psychologically a very fearful dream is also not much too dangerous to the Brain or body but its result gives you a fresh circulation of the connective tissue and a sound dream followed by a healthy day.

So friends if next time you get any such feeling don't be afraid because it is not a Paranormal Activity or any of the psychological pressure rather than a series of mental provocation that your body needs a temporary care at that particular movement. Now you will hardly have any of the astounding story to narrate in the morning if you have a good posture to sleep.
Let's bring you some fantastic facts about dreams and sleep---
1. Both Men and Women dream but in different manner. Men's dreams contain more male faces view than that of women and also contain more aggression.
2. Every dream lasts for 2-3 hours and so we see a sequence of dreams during every sound dream.
3. Like we can imagine, also can dream only those face we have seen yet.
4. Intelligent people tend to see more dreams than an average mind and also remember them more in the morning.
5. The more pleasant you dream the more creative you are.
6. Do you know, our pets also see dreams and gives real body movement.
7. The study of sleep is called Polysomnography(PSG).
8. Study of Dreams is called Oneirology, where 'Oneiron' in Greek means Dreams.
9. Paranormal experts say that the time between 2 toPolysomnography (PSG).

8. The study of dreams is called Oneirology. Where 'Oneion' in Greek stands for Dreams.

9. Paranormal Experts say the time between 2-3 at night is the time our body is in its weakest state, hence most of the deaths occur at this period of time.

Sweet Dreams fellas.


Anonymous said…
I'll take care of it next time onwards 😊😊. Nice one

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